Features of Messiah Sheet Music

This program contains the complete Messiah based on the Chrysander Edition.
See the music on your screen exactly as it will print. Functionality includes:

  •   Scale the music to different sizes and automatically reformat it to fit the pages;
  •   Use any available font and size for lyrics;
  •   Extract any combination of parts;
  •   Scale any combination of parts smaller than the other parts;
  •   Transpose any combination of parts (to facilitate the performance of the music by transposing instruments);
  •   Display the music as shape notes;
  •   Have the music played by your computer, optionally after changing the tempo;
  •   Save the music as a MIDI file.

If one likes, any piece of music in Messiah Sheet Music can be exported to the MusicEase file format exactly as it appears on screen and loaded into MusicEase Professional for complete editing. Messiah Sheet Music is fully self-contained. MusicEase Professional is not required to run it. No CCLI license is required.

A free, fully functional evaluation version of Messiah Sheet Music can be obtained via our Download page. This evaluation version however contains just 2 scenes: 1-1 Sinfonia and 1-4 Chorus: "And the glory of the Lord".